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Local Planning

Local Planning Area Partnerships (LPAs) connect, coordinate, communicate, and plan activities and projects together with other community organizations and entities so WorkFirst participants - and others living in poverty - can succeed. LPAs also serve as a forum for coordinating the development and delivery of services and activities to help Temporary Aid for Needy Families (TANF) recipients meet their goals and provide well-being for their families.


LPAs meet regularly to build and maintain partnerships and leverage resources. They share information and address challenges for WorkFirst families and others living in poverty as they move towards employment, find ways to fill gaps in assistance, and resolve issues. They also develop strategic plans every two years focused on new and innovative activities around community leveraging, the “full family” service approach, outreach to the business community, collaboration with other local partners, working with potential new partners, and filling service gaps in life skills and soft skills training.


There are 26 LPAs across the state with leadership representatives from local and state agencies, community and technical colleges, nonprofit organizations, tribes, contractors, and other partners serving those most in need.

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