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Program Performance

WorkFirst performance data is available to assist in managing program performance. In May 2023, what had been the primary means to issue WorkFirst performance data, the WorkFirst Performance Chartbook - was sunset. Going forward, WorkFirst performance data is no longer housed on the WorkFirst website. DSHS now produces and publishes the quarterly WorkFirst Performance Measures Report, which can be found here. It includes the statutorily mandated WorkFirst performance measures found in the former WorkFirst Performance Chartbook. Additional data, formerly produced within the WorkFirst Performance Chartbook, can also be found within the ESA Briefing Book, published annually. 

The DSHS Economic Services Administration Strategic Plan is also a great resource for better understanding agency performance metrics and current action plans. 

For questions regarding WorkFirst program performance, contact Melissa Kenney, TANF WorkFirst Administrator at


WorkFirst Performance Chartbook


Performance Measures


DSHS Economic Services Administration Strategic Plan