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A Way to Save For Your Future

Asset Development

Having assets make the difference between getting by and getting ahead. Nearly one in five American households owe more than they own. Assets are the building blocks of long-term financial stability and success for people at all income levels. Having a savings account, a college education, a home, or a small business can help individuals and families live securely today, weather difficult financial times, plan for the future, and pass assets on to the next generation. 
Asset building programs support low and moderate income families to save, invest, and preserve financial assets. Asset development:

  1. Promotes financial literacy, saving and access to mainstream banking
  2. Promotes the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) and other benefits claims and access to free/reduced tax preparation services
  3. Provides incentives to invest in appreciable assets for long-term prosperity.

Asset building also provides innovative ways to improve local economies and the lives of Washington residents. To find out who provides asset building services in your community.

Washington Financial Education Calendar

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