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Monthly Program Performance

WorkFirst performance data is available each month to assist program staff and administrators manage program performance. WorkFirst performance is monitored at the state, regional and local level. There are 31 Local Planning Areas across the state.  The WorkFirst Monthly Chartbook also includes historical data for those who are interested in viewing trends in different performance measures. Some Chartbook measures are also included as quarterly measures in the DSHS Economic Services Administration Strategic Plan.  A link to that plan is also provided.  Links within the plan connect to plan metrics, action plans, and Results Washington measures.

This information is not meant to provide a complete picture of the WorkFirst program. By accessing the WorkFirst performance reports, you are agreeing to use the information for the purposes for which it was intended. For questions on any of the WorkFirst performance measures, contact Carl Wolfhagen, OFM Senior Forecast Analyst, 360/902-0920.

WorkFirst Performance Chartbook


Performance Measures


DSHS Economic Services Administration Strategic Plan